High-altitude work
in Kiev and the Region

Our advantages

Operational and departure 24 hours


The estimate is included in the price

Night shifts

Why us?

We -
are not intermediaries

We do not need to lay a percentage in the cost

We do not maintain
an expensive office

Climbers do not need to sit in the office. Our work is always on top

We have no extra employees.

We do not have a manager. Mountaineers advise you with experience.

Not Spending A Lot Of

Most often do not recommend, so most of our customers are regular

Types of jobs

Installation of ventilated facades

Porcelain Tiles

Repair and restoration of facades

Facade painting

Facade insulation

Joint sealing

Facade washing and cleaning

Glazing of facades and replacement of double-glazed windows

Installation of drainpipes

Painting of metal structures

Chimney Repair

Installation of advertising signs, banners

Outdoor lighting installation

Cleaning work at heights

How we are working


Call consultation


Departure specialist


Training estimates


Conclusion the contract


Delivery material


Performance works


Change facility

Order cost calculation

Cost calculation

How much is it?

In each case, there is a need to use certain materials and methods for repair. This is due to the lack of a single price for high-altitude work!

In order to find out the preliminary cost, fill out the form and our specialist will contact you to clarify the details and calculate the cost of repairs!

Authorization Documents

Our works

We are always happy to undertake any non-standard projects, and if we do such work for the first time, we also offer good discounts on the average market price.